Chapter 7 Section 3
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Role of the Parish Priest Within a Medieval Community
The Priest:

  • celebrated mass
  • administered the sacraments
  • preached the teachings
  • explained the Bible
  • gave people advice on moral issues and guided them in the right direction of what to do
  • offered assistance to the sick and needy
  • ran some schools
  • was the only contact people had with the Church
Medieval Priest   
Medieval Priest

Benedictine Rule
~consists of rules drawn up by St. Benedict in 1530 A.D
~regulates monastic life
~emphasizes obedience, poverty, and chastity (represented in the vows taken by monks/nuns)
~divides the day into periods of worship, study, and work
3 vows taken by monks and nuns:
1) obedience to the abbot or abbotess who headed the monastery or convent
2) poverty
3) chastity (purity)

St. Benedict         
St. Benedict

Church Terms
  • papal supremacy~ the claim of medieval Popes that they had authority over all secular rulers, including kings and emperors
  • excommunication~ exclusion from the Roman Catholic Church as a penalty for refusing to obey Church law
  • interdict~ excommunication of an entire region, town, or kingdom
  • friar~ a medieval European monk who traveled from place to place preaching to the poor
Medieval Friar Preaching                 (
Medieval Friar Preaching (

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